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About LMR

cropped-cropped-logo.jpgThis is the 21st Century, The Century of Education, Knowledge in    Information – Technology, Management area  which is possible only through good and well equipped Lab-holder  Colleges along with the other facilities providing to the students, the  learners who use to come to get Admissions in these colleges for their  further studies. It is the moral duties of the Educational Institutions to  provide the connected education with the Essential Practical to the  Learner Students along with the non-educational activities for the better  performance and nice results by which they can fight to get  success in their life to choose their bright future.

  As we all know that from the very beginning of the childhood,  while a child starts his/her education, he/she becomes a disciple and  learns by their teachers who start to teach the child from Nursery to  Senior Secondary Education. Teacher is required to have not only  Graduation/Post Graduation Degrees but should possessan Educational  Degree, i.e. Bachelor in Computer Application (B.C.A.) or Bachelor in  Business Administration (B.B.A.)or Bachelor in Commerce (B.Com..)  to  enable them to impart useful & proper education to the students.

 At same the State Govt. of M.P .gives permissions to start the  New Colleges to run the various courses in that college after  verification and satisfaction of the infrastructures of the concern  college  who wants to run the classes with the prior permission of   Higher Education Deptt.  of the State Govt.

 Our L.M.R. college of Education is Permitted and recognised by Govt of  M.P. ,is situated at A-17 New Saket Nagar,Tansen Gwalior,devoted  fully to provide the best education