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Lecture Halls :
There are many big lecture halls those are fully ventilated with sunlight windows, well furnished Lecture Halls of 1100 Sq. ft., Each hall equipped with modern seating arrangement furniture.
Computer Lab:
For B.C.A. subject are mainly based on practical covered under syllabus and its performance in Higher Secondary Schools. In view of this, the Institute has provided all the required nos. of laboratories equipped with modern equipments with Computers and instruments for various subjects of educational courses. They are especially designed to cover the fundamental aspects of the concerned subjects. These laboratories are designed in such a manner that provide better working environment and safety. The laboratories provide all the essential apparatus to make students acquainted. The laboratories are developed as per norms of Higher Education Deptt. of M.P. Govt . There is a large well equipped and furnished Computer Lab.having more than 100 Computers with Internet Facility
well equipped library is one of the pillars of progressive forward looking education system. The College has a widely stocked Library with latest and updated books, journals, periodicals and a host of reading material on the subjects. The Library also has a fine collection of international and national magazines. The specious library of this institution affords a rich reference section of necessary books to fulfill the needs of the students joining the professional program. Its readily multiplying collection is poised to transform it into an extensive and in depth treasure of books and journals of Educational Course. The library also subscribe in Nos. of news papers and other documented material for the students to develop their awareness about national and international affairs and get on insight into the modern Education.
Hostal Facilities:
The hostel facilities are also available with suitable accommodation to the boys and girls separately. The rooms are well furnished to make the stay of inmates for learning community living and facilitating out of class discussions on assignments. The inmates of the hostel get invigorating environment for constant interaction among themselves leading to their personality development stimulated by the infrastructure and healthy environment as per the norms of the State Govt. of M. P.